The Peaky Blinders are a family of thugs who has been running the British underworld for years. Led by Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy), this clan has its hands in everything from bootlegging booze to fixing races. Still, it’s challenging to build an empire without making enemies along the way.

These tough guys will stop at nothing until they get what they want from illicit antics. These antics include razor blades hidden within caps and illegal activities such as trafficking alcohol or gambling on horses.

The Shelby clan has had many encounters with less than pleasant people. They usually say, “there’s no such thing as too many enemies.”They’re not ones to let an opportunity for some good old-fashioned revenge pass by them.

In Peaky Blinders, Season 4, dozens have wronged this family or tried their best to cause chaos among it. Here is our list of the 5 meanest miscreants that go against the Peaky Blinders:

Alfie Solomons – Tom Hardy

Alfie Solomons is the head of a Jewish gang from Camden Town, and he’s been causing chaos for the Shelbys ever since season 2. He betrays them on several occasions. But each time, his negotiation skills at the table, as well as his sharp tongue, can save him.
And always with only himself in mind, and even though making a deal might be lucrative, you can never really trust that Alfie will keep his end of it.

Luca Changretta – Adrien Brody

Luca Changretta is a meticulous, mean mobster from New York who journeys to Birmingham with the sole purpose of annihilating any Shelby he can find. With blessings from his mafia family back home and an instrumental vendetta against Tommy Shelby (who killed Luca’s brother). This Italian has one goal:

Destroy him and every member of his entire family before they have time to regret ever meeting them.

In the end, Luca Changretta falls victim to his greed and poor judgment. He was a foolish, manipulating criminal whose only ambition in life was self-preservation through wealth acquisition at any cost.

In London, he made backhanded deals with Polly while trying unsuccessfully to have Arthur Shelby eliminated. When Tommy agrees with Al Capone, Luca realizes that he has lost the battle.

Father John Hughes – Paddy Considine

In season 3 of “The Crown,” Father John Hughes – Paddy Considine, is anything but an angel. He works as a double agent for the crown and also to help Russians with their plots against communists by abetting in both ways.

When Michael Gray’s got aware that people are abusing him, it makes him even eviler than before. Because it turns out that not only does he have dirty dealings on his own. But now some children may never be able to live everyday lives again due to what has happened under the control of Father Hughes.”

Sir Oswald Mosley – Sam Claflin

One of the more recent threats to the Shelby clan, Oswald Mosley, is a British Union of Fascists leader who takes it upon himself to work with Winston Churchill and Thomas to kill him. When they fail at their mission, however, he becomes a living martyr for his cause.

Oswald Mosley was one of many political figures that threatened Britain and men like Thomas Shelby.

Even though neither man got off on sound footing between them when he mentioned how much power could be found within women as sex workers or “ladies” of leisure if you will, this fascist had other ambitions beyond just England’s borders too.

His racist agenda, political power, and deep-seated evil tendencies make Mosley a terrifying enemy for the Shelbys to have. His success speaks volumes of his cunningness as he did not face defeat in an election before – making him even more dangerous than what we’ve come across so far.

Chief Inspector Chester Campbell – Sam Neill

Chief Inspector Campbell is a man with darkness hidden behind the badge. He’s known for his brutal interrogation techniques and ability to look away from injustice before he aims at Thomas Shelby. The latter rejects him after being rejected by Grace Burgess.

Campbell was a man who had everything. He served as the master of his estate for years, but after being injured in battle, he cannot return home and must find new ways to occupy himself at war. After that, Campbell’s mission becomes personal, and he cannot hide his darker side any longer.

Not just this, The power corrupts him until finally, Polly gets revenge by shooting him dead with her father’s gun, which she snuck out from under their bed while they were sleeping together one last time before going off on an assignment overseas where both would die— willingly or not

Jimmy McCavern – Brian Gleeson

Audiences are first introduced to the heinous leader of the Billy Boys when he ambushes Peaky Blinders associate Aberama Gold in the forest and crucifies his son, boxer Bonnie Gold. He does this to send a message:

“Beware. The Billy Boys are coming for you.” Though there is a brief conflict between factions, a truce which has the responsibility to keep their new business venture moving forward; opium smuggling enterprise that only leads up people’s suspicions on whether or not peace will last long after all

In addition to planting landmines around Shelby’s property (putting Thomas’ son at risk), McCavern once attacked young Danny McAleese with nails during an ambush-only escaping by using his braise as protection against them.

Billy Kimber – Charlie Creed-Miles

When the Birmingham Boys finds out that The Peaky Blinders put in a fix at one of his racetracks, he contacts Thomas Shelby to catch him before things get worse.

Although they clash heads over Grace’s interest and possible relationship with Kimber, when it becomes clear that she is giving information on their plans back to the police for her protection from them both – an alliance begins forming between these two outlaws who seem headed down paths together regardless.

When Kimber discovers that Thomas has made plans to overthrow him, the two factions attempt a gang war.

However, at the end of their fight for power and control over his territory, they are just between Thomas and himself as he defeats his enemy with one shot while taking back what is rightfully his: victory!

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