Lucifer or the morning star is full of great characters with unique storylines. But, the acting skills of each actor somewhat varied comparatively.
Lucians have spent years in the world of Lucifer, where  Some of the actors were perfectly cast, while others just were not up to the mark.  In a nutshell,  there is a thin line between winning and losing when it comes to a series such as Lucifer.  Hare, we shall discuss 10 lucifer actors at the base of this failure and success line.

1. Tom Ellis fell short in the role of Michael
In Lucifer’s fifth season, Michael, Lucifer’s twin brother, was at the center of the story. Mikel was envious of his brother and commenced a plan while Lucifer was in Hell. In the beginning, he made God believe he was losing his mojo, and then he tried to usurp his own father’s authority.
Michael wasn’t a compelling villain, whether it was because of Ellis’ performance or because of the character’s premise. A different actor could have played Michael, and the series could have been done without the twin gimmick.

2. Inbar Lavi in the role of Eve was falling short
Lucifer’s old ex-girlfriend made an appearance in Season 4. Given that she was Eve, a member of Adam and Eve in the Bible, calling her “old” might be an embarrassment. She gave us a fascinating look into Lucifer’s past.
Eve was played by Inbar Avi in Season 4, but she was incredibly annoying. Eve was too cloyingly sweet to be relatable on any level. Overall, she was a far more engaging character when she reappeared in the second half of Season 5.

3. Aimee Garcia NAILED her character As Ella Lopez
However, Season One presents a few challenges for those who want to watch the entire series from the beginning of the series’ runtime. Lucifer’s biggest problem is that Ella Lopez doesn’t appear until Season 2, making it difficult to watch without her. Energy and optimism are contagious, and her dark undertones are engaging. It was Aimee Garcia who nailed the role, turning Ella into a crucial character in the story. Based on public reviews, fans would like to see her learn the truth about everything before the show ends.

4. Kevin Rankin FELL SHORT as Malcolm Graham
Amenadiel, Lucifer’s angelic brother, was the first season’s villain. When Lucifer left Hell, God assigned Amenadiel to keep an eye on the vacant throne until Lucifer returned to his position. It placed the two brothers in a conflict that has shifted dramatically over the seasons.
Amenadiel turned to Malcolm Graham, a crooked cop who was close to death and in need of an agent to work with. Kevin Rankin did an excellent job in the role. Still, he lacked the gravitas to be a genuinely compelling or believable antagonist. And it was impacting in the mind of the audience that he would lose.

5. Dennis Haysbert, as God nailed it!
Lucifer has had problems with his father, God, throughout the series. Lucifer rebelled against his father as a young angel and was sent to Hell as a result. In God’s eyes, the experience was a means of training his son to take Lucifer’s place. In the second half of Season 5, finally, God made an appearance on the show. Dennis Haysbert, the iconic actor who played him, brought nothing but credit to the role. Not only was he the ideal God for the series, but he was also the ideal father figure for Lucifer.

6. Vinessa Vidotto fell into short As Remiel
Both Lucifer and Amenadiel appeared more than any other angels in this series. But, there were others as well. Several other angels and demons appeared in various arcs and episodes throughout the series. Remiel was Lucifer and Amenadiel’s battle-obsessed sister, who was always on the prowl when she showed up. Remiel, as played by Vinessa Vidotto, was wooden and uninteresting. Most likely, that’s why her appearances were so sparse and infrequent.

7. PERFECT: Leslie-Ann Brandt in the role of Mazikeen
When Lucifer departed Hell, he did so with the company of others. Mazikeen, his most trusted tormentor, accompanied him to Earth as a confidante and bodyguard. Their friendship grew over time, and they became more than just friends. Mazikeen was one of the most nuanced characters on television, thanks to Leslie-Ann Brandt’s portrayal. Astonishing was Maze’s emotional growth as an individual, and Brandt’s portrayal of him was nothing short of heroic.

8. As Trixie, Scarlett Estevez fell short
Trixie was a significant character in the first few seasons of the show. As the daughter of Chloe Decker and Dan Espinoza, Trixie pushed Lucifer’s patience to the limit. Maze’s first true friend on Earth was born at the same time. Trixie’s appearance on the show has dwindled, as has her significance in the series. Scarlett Estevez started out well, but her performance waned as the character failed to develop. The series has reached a point where it may be better off without Trixie unless the character designs.

9. The performance of Tom Ellis as Lucifer was flawless
Lucifer being the name of the series, it would be reasonable to assume that the main character would be the show’s focus. Lucifer’s journey from where he was in Episode 1 to where he is now is legendary, and that is certainly the case.
Due to great chemistry with the character, It’s difficult to imagine anyone other than Tom Ellis in the role. Not any other actor could have played the role with as much charm as Tom Ellis did. Furthermore, he has layered in so much humour and emotion that it’s nearly impossible not to be drawn in.

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