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Introduction of Luca Changretta:

This series named the Peaky Blinders has been set in Birmingham, England. Steven Knight has created this crime drama. The series is based on a criminal group of the same name and was active between 1890 to the 20th century. Its last season is the sixth one till January, having the last season of the series.

Background of the Character:

Luca Changretta in the Peaky Blinders belongs to Audrey and Vicente Changretta. He is the main character in season 4 of peaky blinders. He is a gangster boy of an Italian-American group from New York City. The mob does liquor business in New York City. Al Capone in Chicago is the competent of the crew as alcohol is transported from Europe to New York trading port. Luca joined his cousin’s wedding and came to Birmingham from 1919-1920.

The objective of the character:

The objective is to take revenge on Luca Changretta’s father and a brother named Vicente Chagretta and Angel Changretta, respectively. Shelby’s family assassinated both of them. So, Luca in Peaky blinders is a character to take revenge from his enemies. His mother, Audrey Changretta, gives information against Thomas and the rest of the Shelby family also.

Episode 4.1:

He is an actor in six episodes of the Peaky Blinders series. In the first episode of season four, Luca made his entry while passing through Liverpool. The guard at the passport check feels like something is faulty; when the guard asks Luca Changretta, he replies laterally. He (guard) put a stamp on his passport after getting nervous. After he reached Birmingham in 1925, he achieved his first success. On Christmas Day, members of Peaky Blinders named Michael and John were attacked by Luca Chagretta with his crew. John, with his wounded body, could not endure and died.

Episode 4.2:

In episode 2, in which Luca has first meeting with Thomas Shelby. They are trying to accede to each other; competition was heightened. Thomas called him with his real name Luca Changretta, and asks him that his only aim is to devastate the Shelby family. He has been moved from New York to Birmingham only for this purpose. Both get united that the war would be fought with some principles which are as follows;

Audrey Changretta and Luca both want to kill Thomas in the end. They want to drown him in pain after killing his whole family.

In Episode 4.3:

Changretta, in episode 3, gets in contact with Polly Gray. She accepts the terms of giving Arthur and letting Arthur, Fire, and Michael Gray live. Luca sends two men just to capture Arthur Shelby, who executes them. Luca becomes enraged at the loss of his two men. His men advised him to work with Mrs. Ross to capture Arthur Shelby, to which he subscribed.

Episode 4.4:

This is the episode in which Luca with his men gives a lure to capture Arthur Shelby to get Michael Gray. He put the gun on Michael’s forehead and asks him to pass the message to Polly Gray that they have a deal before leaving. Luca and his men chase Tommy Shelby back to Artillery Square at the end of the episode.

Episode 4.5:

Luca Changretta, with his four-man, tries to lure Thomas Shelby to Artillery Square to assault him. Unluckily, Thomas Shelby knows their plan. He kills one of them by opening fires. Thomas Shelby kills two more of them. After that, he asks him to fight, and they were stopped by the police. Luca and Matteo meet with Alfie Soloman to help Luca’s men get into the building. A boxing match would take place there. In exchange for this, Alfie wants a deal of 200 barrels of his Gin per month.

Episode 4.6:

This is the episode in which he orders his men to kill Arthur in the boxing match. One of them chases Arthur into changing room. They thought Arthur was dead as they choked his breath. Tommy announces to the audience that his brother has died. His death satisfies Luca that his enemy has died.

In addition, Luca, with his gang, orders Tommy to sign paperwork to surrender Shelby Company Ltd. to Changretta Family. However, Tommy surprises him by saying that a rival gang of New York is about to take over Changretta’s business. He also reveals that his closest men are now working under Tommy. Luca tries to shoot Tommy, but he reacts to take over the gun from his (Luca) hand. Suddenly, Arthur Shelby enters the room from a nearby door. Only Tommy and Polly know that Arthur is not dead; he got a severe injury. Arthur takes revenge on his dead brother John by shooting Luca in his forehead. That is how Luca Changretta’s death takes place.


To summarize this, Luca’s actor seems to be very wise. The real name is Adrien Brody. In addition, he has won the Oscar award also. In peaky Blinders season 4, the Character knows how to do work and take the best revenge.

Moreover, Luca has the same mind as a primary lead character and strongly believes in retaliation and the character surely knows the best tactics with a gangster mind. Furthermore, the second character is the most important as he is the lead character’s friend, but his role is very impactful and most favorite among the viewers, and he helps the lead in every situation and takes care of him like a brother. He is a clever person in a sense that he knows the situations happening. Though Luca becomes slow-witted sometimes, and he knows of his work very well. All characters are different. Their age, roles, and situations are different. Just one similarity is their gender. This proves the versatility and uniqueness of the series. So, the Luca Changretta character is marvelous and proves the best character of season four.

“That’s the shame coz you are dancing with me”.
(Luca Changretta to Polly Gray)

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