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Is Elisabeth Fritzl’s ‘Girl in the Basement’ a True Story?


As we all know our societies have different levels of cruelties. Girl in the basement is the creation of a true story. The core idea of the film is a girl’s story. At the age of eighteen,  she just wants to leave her home. A person kidnaps and takes advantage of her body for many years. You will be in a shock to know that the man is none but her father. He kept her in a cellar (basement) for about 24 years.


Stefanie Scott performed the role of Sara while Judd Nelson played the role of Father. Stefanie Scott is a famous American actress. She belongs to America. Judd Nelson is a famous actor in the “Brat Pack”. Only names are changed in the movie just for the purpose of creativity and perfectness. Big dream entertainment is the Production Company of the film. For the sake of creativity, directors put their effort but the story is the same. It follows the tragedy of a teen girl Elisabeth living in Austria happened from 1984 to 2008.

Description About the film:

 Girl in the basement is a true story. A horrible film made was made about a girl Elisabeth. It is originally aired on Lifetime’s “Ripped from the Headlines” serials. The film is fundamentally about a girl “Sara” who is kidnapped by her father. She has really been sexually molested in the underground for the past 24 years.

Don tells his spouse and relatives that she has left the house and run away. But in fact, her father continuously kidnapped and abused her. Later on, Sara gets pregnant and she becomes the mother of 7 children. Josef gets 3 out of them to his house with a piece of written paper. There his spouse thinks that Sara wants to take care of her children by her grandparents.

After 24 years, 19 years of Elisabeth’s daughter fell ill. She stepped out from his jail. The paramedic’s staff noticed the girl and informs to police. After investigating the police grab Don. Thereafter, the entire world becomes aware of what has been going on for many years.

True story:

Girl in the basement is a true story. Elisabeth is continuously raped and sexually abused and the person, who is abusing, was her father Josef Fritzl. Just because of her father she wanted to escape from her house. But Josef Fritzl never allowed her to do that. And he kept her in the cellar (Basement) and misused her for a span of 24 years. Josef Fritzl told his nearby people that Elisabeth had escaped just due to her wish to meet with a pious group.

Josef Fritzl kept abusing her day and night. Later on, she has claimed that he used to fasten her body with iron chains. Elisabeth becomes the mother of seven children out of whom three lived with her in the basement. In addition, Rosemarie Fritzl who was the mother of Elisabeth assumed that might she (Elisabeth) wished to take care of kids by their grandparents.

How did Elisabeth spend a huge time period?

During that time period, Elisabeth had confronted mental distress. The tragedies she accepted are never at the edge. Constant trauma always followed her. Josef violently used to beat her daily. He tried to act upon pornographic clips. Elisabeth stayed alone for initial five years. Fritzl attempted her sexually three thousand times in that time period. Both mentally and physically, she has suffered through an infinite trauma. He used to compel Elisabeth to capture rodents like rats with bare hands.

She wrote summer was the most difficult time in the basement. The summer used to be a perspiring one. Due to iron chains, in her body, she can only move to half a meter. Later, he removed iron chains from her waist due to disturbances sexually. Josef used to molest her by many times a day.

Finally, on April 19, 2008, Elisabeth’s eldest daughter named Krestin sicked up. That was the day when Elisabeth went out of the basement. The only chance in which her daughter escaped from the emergency ward and was again taken back to the cellar.

 The paramedics of the hospital informed the police and expressed particular issues. As a result, the police took notice. Later on, Elisabeth went to the police station for investigation. Elisabeth told them all the awful events which she faced in twenty-four years.

Josef, later on, confessed his crimes. He admitted that he had pushed Michael’s body towards the incinerator. Furthermore, he had charges of recklessness, sexual assault, rape, and violence. Josef Fritzl is now a lifetime imprisoner. Because he was a culprit who destroyed his daughter’s life.

Due to several years of gathered tragedies, Doctors have suggested Psychotherapy to Elisabeth throughout her life. Elisabeth’s all children are between the ages of 17 and 35. They all are facing tough times and require a lifetime healing process. To come back to daily life they have to follow the prescriptive diet, daily exercise, and mood-altering medications.

Through the persuasive media source “The Independent” Elisabeth’s had a complicated relationship with her mother but now they all live together with kids. Furthermore, there are many girls in the world who are facing these types of harassment. Elisabeth Fritzl story explains that many girls lost their charming life just because of their fathers or other nearby relatives.


Even with all its limitations and inadequacies, Girl in the Basement is a true story and it’s a frightening movie, lightening the real fact is even so tragic. The real narrative begins with horrible and heart-wrenching aspects that would exit you dumbstruck. The authentic narrative begins with horrible and heart-wrenching aspects that will exit you dumbstruck. Perhaps this may be the story of many girls who face brutality even from their closest relatives. This film is a source of inspiration for many girls who are accepting harassment in some ways. In addition, it’s a lesson for all the females. If you are not raising your voice you could be next to Elisabeth

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