Susan B. Anthony, often known as Gretchen Priston Break, had been the leading and primary antagonist in the third and fourth seasons of prison break. Moreover, being a former soldier and a high-ranking operative for the company, she has a strong character in the show. 

Gretchen Prison Break

Character Of Gretchen Prison Break In The Seasons

Shae has appeared in the third, fourth, and final break of the show Prison Break. We will be overviewing her character in all seasons below; let’s start with her entry in season 3.

Season 3

In the show, she first appeared while hiding the scratch on her cheek with the makeup. Later, she tempted Lincoln to meet her at the building named Garfield Price by forcing LJ. Borrow, who was held as her hostage to call lincoln for the meeting on the building. 

Afterward, Gretchen revealed that she knew all about the brother and later offered lincoln to watch a video in which L.J. Burrows and Sara Tancredi were held as hostages by her. Gretchen Prison break told lincoln her condition to leave hostages.

As lincoln started to disobey, Gretchen angrily threatened to kill him. Further, Lincoln tries to abandon him, claiming that she has killed Sara and put her head in the box. Gretchen made him afraid as she found someone who could turn them in; she killed the person.

With her aggressive character, fans got a goosebump whenever she gave threats to all. The feeling was overall thrilling and was full of twists. 

Season 4

In season 4, Gretchen’s lie revealed that she faked the murder of Sara, and her head inbox was from a cadaver. Sara was alive and tried to escape from the Gretchen prison break as she knew Sara’s escape plan. 

Gretchen punished her with a bullwhip. But finally, Sara managed to get out of her clutches. That’s why she came with the plan of faking the murder of Sara. 

Afterward, Gretchen was seen to agree with the T-bag work to force Michael to reveal all the private information regarding Scylla. And, she gets to know all about the Scylla life.

5th episode came with a mind-blowing twist where we know that Gretchen was captured and raped by bandits and almost murdered by them during the Cambodia mission. Bandits spare her life just after seducing General Kratz.

Last Seen Of Gretchen Prison Break

It had shown in the final break that Gretchen was an inmate in prison while they took Sara for murdering Christina Scofield. At the same time, Gretchen reveals to Sara that she wants to see her daughter Emily and desires to give Emily the necklace she made for her. 

Gretchen, at last, shows her loyalty by defending Sara from an attacker. Finally, when the escape commences, Gretchen attacks a guard and gets stabbed on her leg, knowing that it’s not easier for her to escape without any help. 

She asked Sara for help if she wanted or either leave her behind. Sara lends her hand toward Gretchen and starts to run. But unfortunately, the guard spotted Gretchen and asked her whether there was anyone else presenting with her. 

She refused, and the guard took her back into custody. That was the last time she was seen. At last, Sara saw the necklace Gretchen wanted to give her daughter on the ground. Sara takes that to pass it to Emily. 

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