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Doreah Game Of Thrones- Get to know All About Her


Doreah Game of thrones, you must have heard about her character, was the most prominent one. Who doesn’t know the name of the game of thrones, this show got massive popularity worldwide. It’s just because of the characters playing their roles in the show. 

The number of characters who played the role was outstanding. Each of them had played their role with full dedication and hard work. Doreah was among the strong, persistent, and intensely determined character of the show. 

Let’s divulge into her character in depth so that everyone knows the intensity of Doreah’s Game of Thrones!

Doreah Game Of Thrones Background

Doreah came to see as a bed slave in the pleasure house of the Free City of Lys. Afterward, she was bought by the Illyrio Mopatis. Later, she had moved into his mansion located in the city of Pentos. 

The little Doreah, when she was just nine years old, had sold to the pleasure house for the sake of money. Being a child, she hasn’t touched a man until three years. In the intervening years, she had instructed the art of seduction to please the man coming into the pleasure house. 

She has spent fifteen years of her life, and later, she was sold to Viserys Targaryen until she became twenty-four during the first season.

Doreah Game Of Thrones in Season 1

She was given as a wedding gift of Daenerys by Viserys. He has intended her to serve as a handmaid. Later, she told Deanery the origin of the gardon story. She continued her story that there were two moons in the sky until the second moon wandered toward the sun and cracked. 

When it was cracked open, it has spilled a thousand dragons into the world. Everyone had dismissed the story by saying it nonsense. 

Daenerys asks Doreah Game Of Thrones to advise her on pleasing her husband in bed instead of these things. Do read taught her sensual arts to Daenerys, telling her how to use her sexuality in establishing herself worthy of Drago’s respect.

Doreah asks Viserys after pleasuring him about the dragon and shows her will to see them. She points out that once she has seen the man who can change her face like clothes and a pirate covered in gold flowing colorful sails. 

Visery just got amused by the conversation at the start, but at the end, he sours while reminding about the destruction of his house from the hands of the Usurper. 

He stopped Doreah sincerely while she was pleasuring him. Doreah was seen finding the answer to her questions in season. She has taken all the measures taking her toward the answer. 

Season 2

In this season, she was continually seen as the Deanery’s handmaiden until the small remnant of khalaskar came toward the Red Waste. 

She was fascinated with the dragons and continued to ask Visery if he knew about them, but she always got that same answer: he didn’t know anything about dragons. Deanery’s silver horse suddenly died during the journey because of thirst and hunger. Deanery halts all of the columns and sends the blood rider she has to scout ahead.

They reach the city of Qarth, where Daenerys led her people there; she was dismayed when the thirteen ruling elders refused her entrance. Khalasar was admitted o the city just after Daenerys threatened to burn the full city to the ground as her dragon gets grown. 

Finally, they all enter the city. Xaro welcomes Deanery into his home, accomodating her people and buying gifts for her. The dragon was perched on the edge of the balcony with a lump of raw meat. She has instructed them by saying Dracays to breathe flame on meat.

Dragons follow her and do whatever she commands. Doreah was watching the dragon gleefully as he feasted on the Morse!.

 After wondering all these things, Doreah cheated Daenerys and her dragon. As Daenerys, look for her, they found her sleeping with Xaro. She was then pleading for her life. Moreover, She was locked in the merchant’s prince’s vault along with him to die. 

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