Breaking bad is a unique, sensationally favorite, and one of the most-watched series on Netflix. The show become way more famous after the Combo Breaking Bad Shot by a kid. This show is a masterpiece because of the exceptional performance and role of Walter White, who played the role of subject chemistry. 

The cinematography of this series is unbelievable. This series involved drug trading of meth, and Combo was one of the fellow dealers of Jesse. Combo Breaking Bad death scene was shocking for everyone as a child shot him in the 11th episode of season 2.

 That episode was named “Mandala.” Thie piece of writing is all about the tragic scene of a kid shooting the character Combo from Breaking Bad. 

Combo, the dealer friend of Jesse

Jesse Pinkman was the main character in breaking bad. He was a drug distributor who combined Combo with him in that drug distributing business. Combo played the role of dealer of drugs. He mostly used to deal with the trading of drug meth.

Combo went into the land of opposing dealers and started finding customers there. And in search, he offered drugs to some people who were already the dealers of that rival drug party. The rival drug-dealing party made him kill by the hand of a kid who was eleven years old. The name of the child was Tom├ís Cantillo. 

The kid and the Combo Breaking Bad shot dead scene 

That scene included that the eleven-year-old kid appeared on cycle and started moving around Combo breaking bad. Meanwhile, some people came in the car and kept staring at Combo.

 Combo called Skinny Pete at that time because he was feeling terrified. While talking on call, the child took out the pistol and shot him first in the chest. 

Kid Shooting Combo I Breaking Bad Best Scene - YouTube

 Combo started running away, but the kid kept hitting him until he fell on the road and died. The rival drug-dealing party used that kid to shoot him so that the police could not catch him, and the police didn’t doubt that child. 

Why did Jesse feel guilt?

This tragedy was also a lesson for Walter and his fellow Jesse not to trade in the lands of the other dealers who are in rivalry with them. The killing of Combo led Jesse into the feeling of guilt and wrongfulness that his friend got shot because of involving him in that drug business. 

Innocent kids, acting as child killers.

In this scene, we see that the rival drug dealers use a kid to kill Combo. The drug dealers do the business of providing drugs to the people, but they don’t want to get caught in any problem. So, they used different ways so that the police wouldn’t doubt them. 

The criminals and people involved in drug dealing often abuse children in their criminal activities. Moreover, there is no effect on the criminal records of these kids until they are 18.

 This scene has left marks on many people’s minds seeing a little kid. How kid used in such an offensive drug-dealing criminal activity and killing Combo breaking bad.

It was one of the most shocking scenes of this series because the dealers used a little kid for murdering someone. The law enforcement agencies should stop Child-killing criminal activity, put an eye on such activities. 

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