The mystery of Amy and Sheldon’s wedding gift from Leonard and Penny is revealed.

Sheldon and Amy got a wedding gift from Hofstadter, Leonard, and Penny, but they had no idea what it was. Here’s what woke up the Coopers from their slumber in The Big Bang Theory.

In The Big Bang Theory, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) gave Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) this as a wedding gift. In Season 11, it was time for the Coopers to tie the knot since it was the final wedding in the CBS sitcom, following the Wolowitz and Hofstadter weddings. The Coopers’ relationship was rocky, and they eventually split up, but they married, and season 12 began with the Coopers’ post-wedding life and honeymoon, as well as them going through the gifts they got for their wedding.

The gift from Penny and Leonard, their best friend and neighbors, stood out above all the others. Usually, gifts are given to make a couple’s life simpler and better together, but the Hofstadter’s opted to give the Coopers something unusual. It was a fancy-looking glass object, which piqued their interest and piqued their curiosity as to what it was, but this is when they go mad as they try to figure out what the gift’s function was.

The Wedding Gift Wormhole

The title of episode 2 of season 12 of The Big Bang Theory was “The Wedding Gift Wormhole,” and the narrative focused on the gift given to Amy and Sheldon and the problem surrounding the nature of the gift.

The couple had no idea what the gift was at first, and they refused to ask Penny and Leonard because they had already stated that they knew what it was in front of others. They didn’t want to appear as fools who couldn’t figure out the glass object, so they assumed it was a clue to a map that would lead them to their actual gift. The couple walked around the neighborhood attempting to figure out what the present was, while others who knew what it was grinned and kept it a secret.

To begin with, it was a wedding gift from the Holowitzes, Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette, to Penny and Leonard (Melissa Rauch). It wasn’t just the coopers that went mad trying to figure out what it was for; even Hofstadter had no idea what it was for and wanted to have some fun with it, so he handed it on to them. When Raj (Kunal Nayyar) intervenes and asks if it’s the same present that he gave the Hofstadter’s for their wedding, the story thickens. Sheldon and Amy then inquire of Bert, who reveals that the gift was a Crystal Chakra that serves as a Healing Stone and was made of quartz, which some think increases Wisdom and Spiritual Health.

A Crystal Chakra is an unusual gift to give in The Big Bang Theory to a group of pals who are all scientists. However, it was entertaining to see Sheldon become enamored with the present and go insane to learn more about it.

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