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What is gorl meme? Gorl is a word used for girls in a meme to add fun elements to it. The internet is a vast and expansive place, and memes are just one of the many things that come and go with time. However, this one does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon: the despicable me meme.

Everyone knows about the despicable me GRU and minions meme. A meme that has been going viral is the despicable me gorl meme. The meme consists of a screenshot from a scene in a Disney movie, which was a still from the film “Despicable Me.” In this scene, two girls are both dressed as the main character, Gru, from Despicable Me. 

As we know one girl has an evil smirk on her face and is carrying a weapon. The other girl looks terrified and has her hands up in front of her face. This article will tell you about the despicable me gorl meme.

What is gorl meme?

The cartoon movie despicable me gru character use the word gorl for the girls. There’s just something about the way Gru says “girl” that makes it so funny. 

Therefore, the phonetic spelling of this word is “gorl,” but the movie Despicable Me never subtitles this word to viewers. On April 16, 2018, a Twitter user tweeted a comparison between the phonetic spelling and Gru says gorl.

In mid-April 2018, a tweet pointed out the phonetic spelling of Gru says “girl” in his native language. Moreover, The tweet went viral, and many Twitter users made puns by photoshopping Gru’s face onto people, imagining them saying “gorl.” The gorls gru meme becomes popular in a few days.

 A girl writes the word “girl” on a chalkboard in one meme while Gru winks from behind her.

Steve Carell, an American Actor, voices Gru, the main character in the movie Despicable Me. Gru speaks with a heavy Eastern European accent which makes the way he says “girls” sound like “gorls.” 

On April 14th, 2018, the tweet about this accent made this word viral, and thousands of people started making despicable me gorl memes on it. K-pop top songs also use this word.

How it goes viral 

The gru from despicable me meme is becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter.  When a Twitter user uses gorl word instead of a girl in his memes, people start liking and sharing the gorl meme, and it becomes viral in a few days.

A meme about the supposed all-powerful nature of women has spurred a new internet challenge. Memes have recently circulated with captions illustrating the idea that “a woman cannot be defeated.” 

The challenge one cannot defeat a woman trying to see how much someone can eat without vomiting, seeing who can resist being frozen, and seeing who can last the longest in a hot shower.

Gru memes gorl is a new type of meme that consists of taking images of girls in the background of pictures or gifs and turning them into memes. One famous example is the girl in the big bang theory intro scene. 

The gru meme is an emerging trend of a crude, satirical nature. The meme features the character from the movie Despicable Me, Gru, who appears to be a cartoon version of an older man with a long white beard. Frequently,  makers portray Gru in various funny or humiliating situations.  

There are many variations on gru memes gorl meme, but one that has been particularly popular is portraying him as overly happy and excited about everything he sees.

The internet is full of funny memes. People enjoy so many memes from the dancing llama to the angry cat! A recent unforgettable is despicable me meme.

Therefore, The picture is of a girl in a green dress with an angry expression on her face. It has black curly hair and tear-stained cheeks, making it look like she’s crying. Moreover, She also has red lipstick smeared down her chin.

Gorls gru meme

The gorl gru meme is a trend that has swept across the internet in recent years. One of the most popular variations, “Karen’s First Dance,” is often posted on YouTube and other social media sites. 

Thus, It usually consists of a person falling to their knees while others laugh at them, typically ending with the person crying. The videos have music from the Gorls gru video game.

Gorl meme 

Ever since the movie despicable me came out in 2010, Gru has been one of the most popular characters in children’s films. 

The villainous character is known for his cute, winking face and evil laugh, but this meme is about a different side of Gru. It shows him with his head thrown back, laughing hysterically with blood on his face.

Now thousands of gru saying gorl memes are available on the tweeter and becoming popular day by day.

Gru from the “Despicable Me” movie series is a supervillain who has been in exile for many years. Shortly before the first movie’s events, Gru became aware that he had a twin brother named Dru, and they reunited to retake their father’s criminal empire.

Furthermore, Gru from the despicable me meme is a character from an animated movie about a villain who tries to steal a giant diamond. In his first film appearance, he is the main antagonist, and in its sequel, he becomes a reluctant protagonist.

Gru from the despicable me franchise is a famous meme. He has obsessed with stealing and taking over the world. His plan mostly failed, and he ended up becoming a dad.

Moreover, He also has two lazy minions memes. Minions: Kevin and Boo always messed up his plans to take over the world.


Memes are a new way to deliver thoughts to the world. Form previous years, memes have made their place on the social media platform. 

The craze for making memes is increasing day by day. Above, we have told you about the gorl meme, which becomes viral due to its uniqueness.

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