The most famous Netflix series “Lucifer” is on its end. Netflix has released “The Lucifer Season 6” poster, proclaiming to issue the series on September 10.

The movie’s motto, “All good things must come to an end,” to its newest“ All bad things must come to an end,” reveals the intentional end it’s approaching. What a subtle reveal! I must say, production houses and their writers are always very particular about playing with the emotional gist of the audience.

Flashback of Lucifer Season 5

At the end of season 5, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) had become a God after defeating his brother Micheal. This means in season 6, Lucifer will be the most potent and supreme, but being all-powerful does not `mean a happy life always.

Scenes On!

As we all know about his love for the detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), so in season 6, they have to be in a true relationship with each other when all the things around are peaceful, and everything is calm and normal.

The first look image of season 6 gives us an idea that Lucifer will try all ways and use his god-level powers to impress Chloe, but he still has to learn more about what love is and its requirements.

The teasing of tone by Lucifer showrunners IIdy Modrovich and Joe Henderson in this season would surely allure the big crowd and will win their hearts.

Been the Favorite Quarantine Hobby!

According to Ildy Modrovich, “Covid turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as Season 6 became one of the most cherished seasons, but we do not want to try to top ourselves and just be empty action, as we had remembered the splashy entry of season 5B, which was liked by millions of people.

That’s why for all the viewers, we have bought an emotional story full of characters who had worked with full of enthusiasm.”

The picture on the poster of Lucifer Season 6 suggests Lucifer’s power- a thorough depiction just with a royal seat.

Nonetheless, the trailer picture is entitle to reveal the unhappiness of the supporting cast with the situation of creation they’re in.

Also, Chloe is standing right at the back of Lucifer’s chair is the massive evidence about the relation and connection between the two, which is the central conflict of Lucifer’s story.

Are you ready to watch Lucifer Season 6 this September only on your favorite Netflix?

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